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The Journal of Learning in Higher Education.

The Journal of Learning in Higher Education, along with its sister publication, The Journal of Academic Administration in Higher Education are published by JW Press and strive to provide an outlet for research that is frequently stated as important but often undervalued. While we need research to push the frontiers of knowledge in the various academic disciplines, we also need research that pushes the frontiers of knowledge concerning how we teach, learn, and administer academic programs. AACSB, MSACHE, NEASC, NCACIHE, NWCCU, SACSOC, WACSWEB, WAUC, and other accreditation organizations are increasingly focused on the possibility of requiring all, but especially teaching oriented, institutions to have faculty conduct research and publish in these important areas.

The Journal of Learning in Higher Education is listed in Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Educational Psychology and Administration.

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