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Manuscripts that support the advancement of learning in higher education are actively sought for publication in The Journal of Learning in Higher Education. Articles that report on innovative practices and articles that research theoretical issues in learning are equally desired. Additionally, papers that take a philosophical perspective on the state of learning yesterday, today and/or tomorrow.

Review Process

Papers will be blind/peer reviewed and judged as either Accept, Revise and Accept, Revise and Resubmit, or Reject. Authors will normally be notified of the status of their paper within a month of submission.

Submission Deadline

None, all accepted manuscripts will be published in the next available edition.


A submission fee of $25 must accompany all submissions. A publication fee of $20 per published page is assessed once a paper is accepted. These fees (both submission and publication) are waived for all papers previously presented at an Academic Business World International Conference or an International Conference on Learning and Administration in Higher Education.

The publication fee will go into effect for all papers submitted after January 1, 2016.

Submission fees may be securely forwarded on line

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or by check, payable to JW Press, mailed to:

The Journal of Learning in Higher Education
JW Press
P.O. Box 49
Martin, TN 38237

Submission email address

Send your manuscript as an MS Word attachment to:

File Format

Microsoft Word

Paper Format

All papers must be submitted via email. The original submission must be in MS Word format (.doc or .docx). Please do not use Rich Text Format (.rtf). Once accepted the paper must conform to the following guidelines.


Do not use color as all papers will be converted to black and white.

Page Size


Paper Length

Maximum of 10 single-spaced pages
($10/page charge for more than 10 pages)
Note: The excess page fee will be assessed only if the manuscript is accepted for publication.


1" all margins

First Page

Only Title, Author information, and Abstract should appear on the first page--and should not extend to the second page.

Author Information

Please provide, on the first page, the following information for each author:

Full Name
Academic Rank or Title
Department, School, or College
University, College, or Organization
City, State Country Postal Code
Email address



12 pt Times Roman Italic, Block


12 pt Times Roman Normal, Left Justified, Block paragraphs--do not indent the first line.

Level 1 Heading

14 pt Arial Bold, Centered

Level 2 Heading

14 pt Arial Bold, Left

Level 3 Heading

14 pt Arial Normal, Left

Level 4 and higher Headings

Please do not use more than three heading levels.


12 pt Times Roman Normal, Hanging Indent (Use APA style for references)