The Journal of Learning in Higher Education.

JLHE is a new journal devoted to providing a venue for the distribution, discussion, and documentation of the art and science of learning at the college and university level. A cornerstone of the philosophy that drives JLHE, is that we all can learn from the research, practices, and techniques of disciplines other than our own. The Finance Professor can share with and learn from the Art Professor. To enhance this cross pollination, submitted manuscripts should not dwell on the subject being learned but rather the methods, techniques, environments, etc that affect the learning.

Manuscripts that support the advancement of learning in higher education are actively sought for publication in The Journal of Learning in Higher Education. Articles that report on innovative practices and articles that research theoretical issues in learning are equally desired. Additionally, papers that take a philosophical perspective on the state of learning yesterday, today and/or tomorrow are welcome.

The Journal of Learning in Higher Education is listed in the 7th Ed. of Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Educational Psychology and Administration (2005-2006).


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